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About Us

About Us

You know that feeling of walking over five miles on a scorching hot day to chance upon a pail of drinking water? NO?

That’s what we thought!

For a lot of people ‘Happy Hours’ is that time of the day when water pours out of their taps for precisely 60 minutes. And when the water pours, one can't drink a drop without purifying it first.

It’s the year 2021 and over 50% of Indians still don’t have easy access to clean drinking water and in rare cases where they do have water, it's almost always not potable as is - boiling it or pouring it in a filter becomes a way of life.

In places where the Rain Gods are generous, black markets are aplenty. Hard water makes the lives of many harder. UV filters and RO purifiers don’t work as well as one would like. Lustral Water was started with the sole aim of validating the water purification process. With real-time data, you'll be able to understand everything that happens inside of your purifier. With a strong tech backing, we’re well on our way to quench every parched throat.



Samuel Taylor Coleridge's, water water everywhere and not a drop to drink struck a chord with us. With the advancements in technology and IoT and Internet Inside our households have become smarter than most of us. Although we have smart gadgets to make our lives easier, we still don't have a clean-tech product that ensures the glass of water you're drinking is pure and potable. Our journey began at a kitchen counter over two glasses of what purported to be RO purified water; we wanted to simplify the process. They say seeing is believing and that's what we've done - with our tech, a layman can see the whole process of water purification. Lustral water has made water validation possible at a household level!

We started 3 years ago with a prototype, we've now installed the gadget in a few households and are expanding aggressively.

Aditya Patnaik
Aditya Patnaik

CEO, Founder

Subscription Charges Flat Rs.200 per customer / month

ZERO Maintenance | ZERO Deposit | NO Hidden Charges | ZERO Payment Issues


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It doesn’t matter if you look at the glass half full or half empty, as long as there’s clean drinking water in the glass.